New way to learn PHP

Feature of PHP

Characteristics of PHP

There are many features given by PHP. All Features discussed below one by one.

  • Familiarity
  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Open source
  • Object Oriented

Familiarity: -

If you are in programming background then you can easily understand the PHP syntax. And you can write PHP script because of most of PHP syntax inherited from other languages like C or Pascal.

Simplicity: -

PHP provides a lot of pre-define functions to secure your data. It is also compatible with many third-party applications, and PHP can easily integrate with other.

In PHP script there is no need to include libraries like c, special compilation directives like Java, PHP engine starts execution from (<?) escape sequence and end with a closing escape sequence (<?). In PHP script, there is no need to write main function. And also you can work with PHP without creating a class.

Efficiency: -

PHP 4.0 introduced resource allocation mechanisms and more pronounced support for object-oriented programming, in addition to session management features. Eliminating unnecessary memory allocation.

Security: -

Several trusted data encryption options are supported in PHP’s predefined function set. You can use a lot of third-party applications to secure our data, allowing for securing our application.

Flexibility: -

You can say that PHP is a very flexible language because of PHP is an embedded language you can embed PHP scripts with HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, WML, XML, and many others. You can run your PHP script any device like mobile Phone, tabs, laptops, PC and other because of PHP script execute on the server then after sending to the browser of your device.

Free: -

PHP is an open source programming language so you can download freely there is no need to buy a licence or anything.

Object Oriented: -

PHP has added some object-oriented programming features, and Object Oriented programming became possible with PHP 4. With the introduction of PHP 5, the PHP developers have really beefed up the object-oriented features of PHP, resulting in both more speed and added features.

Why Use PHP?

There are three most important features that make PHP more popular

  • Cross platform – you can run PHP scripts on any platform like windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and other.
  • Large number of databases, the Internet service providers and the Web Hosting companies that support it.
  • Another important factor is easy to learn, implement and open source.


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