New way to learn PHP

PHP 5 Installation

Before start learning PHP, you should have some software

Note pad

Notepad is ASCII (you can that say a text editor) editor that is used for writing the PHP script, many other editors are also available for writing a PHP script like Dreamweaver.

WAMP server or XAMP server

Both servers are used to create run time environment on the client machine.

Web browser

The web browsers are used for display the output by giving PHP script, for example Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

Why using WAMP or XAMP server?

PHP is a server-side scripting language it's not run on a local machine. So that WAMP or XAMP server is used to create server environment on the local machine to run PHP script.

Installation on Windows

PHP on Windows can work with Apache or IIS. Easy way to install Apache and PHP: WAMP Server.

The acronym of WAMP is Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP — which is used to describe any Windows - based Web server setup.

Follow these steps, To install WAMP Server on windows.

1. Download Latest version of WAMP server from WAMP Server

Note: WAMP server is an open source application, so you can download without pay anything.

2. Click on WAMP Server ".exe" file that you downloaded, and follow the following instructions on the screen to install the application.

3. Appear following window.

First step of php installation

4. Click the next button to licence agreement window.

5. Click I accept the agreement and press next to continue.

Second step of installation

6. Choose destination Folder, where you want to install WAMP server.

Fourth step of installation

7. Select additional task icons press next to continue

8. Now ready to install, Press next to continue...

why used wamp

9. Press install to continue

php tutorial

10. Status of installation

php installation on windwos

11. Now select your default browser if you are not sure, just select default browser.

wamp installation

12. Press open to continue....

php installation

13. Enter a default SMTP (mail server) and email address or press next to use defaults.

14. Press finish button to complete installation.

Tenth step of installation php tutorial

Check WAMP server is working or not

Click WAMP server on the desktop.

Check the task bar if WAMP server symbol is green.

Checking of WAMP server

To test that the Web server is running correctly, choose the Localhost option from the WAMP Server menu or type localhost in your browser. If all has done systematically, you should see the page shown below appear that means WAMP Server has successfully installed.

Checking of WAMP server in browser

Congratulation you have installed WAMP server properly!!

Now watch the video to learn the process of installation of WAMP server.

Video tutorial of WAMP server installation


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