New way to learn PHP

PHP 5 Introduction


You should have basic knowledge of these :-

  • Html
  • Java Script
  • Css

What Actually PHP Is?

PHP is a Hypertext Pre-processor, Which is widely used Open Source general-purpose scripting language that is suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Most of PHP syntax is based on C. They should make PHP easy to pick up for Programmers.

PHP File

A PHP file is an ASCII file, created using any ASCII editor (Note pad and notepad++ are excellent example and stored on the HDD .That file contains the mixture of PHP and html which instruct the web server what need to be done, moment to moment.


PHP is a server side scripting language. So it’s executed on the server only.

Advantages of PHP

  • PHP is easy to understand.
  • Run different operating system ( Command based and GUI based )
  • PHP is free to download and use
  • It's fast because of embedded in html
  • PHP used almost all server
  • Its secure

What can do PHP?

  • Its handle databases properly
  • PHP used produce to produce dynamic pages
  • PHP used to form validation
  • It's easily access database

Basic example of PHP


echo"Welcome to PHP";

echo "print date in different formats";

echo date("Y/m/d") . "
"; echo date("Y.m.d") . "
"; echo date("Y-m-d"); $var=date("l"); echo "Today is "."$var"; ?>

Some Important point about PHP

  • PHP used many database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • If you know C very properly, you have a great deal to start because mostly PHP syntax is similar to C syntax.
  • PHP scripts or source code are executed on the server
  • PHP are open source general purpose scripting language
  • Acronym of PHP is hypertext preprocessor
  • PHP is server-side scripting language
  • PHP can embed with html easily

PHP support following Major databases

  • dBASE
  • Informix
  • Ingres
  • mSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • PostgreSQL


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