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PHP XAMPP installation

How to install XAMPP server?

Before installing XAMPP server first I will tell you the need of XAMPP server. PHP is a server side scripting language so it does not run on the local machine, It runs only on server so that we need a software that provide the server environment on the local machine so that XAMPP server is used.

Installation of XAMPP on windows

1. Download Latest version of XAMPP from XAMPP Server

2. Click on XAMPP .exe file that you downloaded, and follow the instructions to install the application.

3. Click on the next button

xamp installation | php tutorial

4. Select all the component that is shown in the component window.

php installation | php tutorial

5. Choose destination Folder, where you want to install XAMPP server.

6. Click on the next button.

php installation

7. Click next button again.

xampp installation php

8. Now setup is ready be install.

php tutorial

9. Status of the installation, it can take one or two minutes, it's totally depend upon the configuration of the machine.

php installation

10. Select check box and click close button.

steps of php installation

11. After completion of installation control panel appeared.

Installation of php | php tutorial

12. TO start APACHE module click start button that appeared in front of APACHE and MySQL also.

13. Type localhost on your browser address bar to launch XAMPP and welcome page is opened.

Start working with XAMPP

1. Type simple Php script on the text editor like notepad.

<?php echo "Welcome to pTutorial group"; ?>

2. Create new folder on xamp/htdocs/php and save that script inside the folder with .php extension.

Save it: demo.php

3. Start XAMPP server and type address in any browser


Congratulation you have run demo script on XAMPP server properly!!


Welcome to pTutorial group


A good beginning makes a good ending.